Research Affiliates

Marcus Bachhuber, MD, MS

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

opioid use disorder, addiction health services research, health policy

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Jennifer Brown, PhD

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

HIV/HCV prevention, substance use disorders, integrated data analysis

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Eva Enns, PhD

University of Minnesota

cost-effectiveness analysis, infectious disease modeling, network analysis

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Jason M. Hockenberry, PhD

Emory University

public policy evaluation, econometrics, substance use disorders

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Brady Horn, PhD

The University of New Mexico

risky health behaviors, substance use disorders

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Catherine Maclean, PhD

Temple University

policy analysis, substance use disorder, econometrics

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Ioana Popovici, PhD

Nova Southeastern University

opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder

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Michael Richards, MD, PhD, MPH

Vanderbilt University

substance use disorders, serious mental illness

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Brendan Saloner, PhD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

opioid use disorder, health insurance, access to care

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Kai Yeung, PharmD, PhD

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

specialty drugs, drug benefits

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